Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Exquisite Fold (2007)

170 x 170mm, edition of 100, set in Gill Sans and inkjet printed on 125gsm cartridge paper, bound with paper strap. ISBN: 978-0-9557181-0-6

The Exquisite Fold takes as its starting point the surrealist game of exquisite corpse (more familiar to some as the parlour game of consequences), and explores the ideas inherent in playing this game - exchange, belief, narrative – through the very act of playing itself. Pivotal to both the content and the structure of the book is the fold, a deceptive device that hides and reveals meaning and understanding. The Exquisite Fold features the results of Carson & Miller’s exquisite corpses, accompanied by Dr. Patricia Allmer and Dr. John Sear’s essay Dare You Play On?, a text which explores the context of Carson & Miller’s games and the outcomes they have produced.

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