Thursday, 30 April 2009

all the islands we have visited: 1981-2009 (2009)

155 x 120mm, edition of 20, inkjet printed on 120gsm paper.

Using the formal language of the map and their experience of visiting islands, Carson & Miller invert the expectancy of what a map should do. Rather than providing an accurate geography and a sense of how to get somewhere, all the islands we have visited: 1981-2009 records Carson & Miller’s travels to disparate island locations.

The resulting distorted geography owes more to memory than it does to reality. Scale and location is ignored; an unlikely list of islands is formed and displayed.

This publication is made in response to Ø (a Danish vowel but also the word for island). all the islands we have visited: 1981-2009 will be exhibited in Denmark’s Doverodde Book Arts Festival, 2009. For more information about the exhibition and the festival go to

Four Questions: a comic (2009)

105 x 210mm, edition of 50, inkjet printed on recycled paper. ISBN: 978-0-9557181-1-3

As the title suggests this book draws on the storytelling techniques of the comic format and tradition. Each story uses as its starting point a question. The resulting visual narrative is explored using a set formula created by Carson & Miller in their 2007 book The Exquisite Fold (see earlier post).